Mission Statement

One at a Time


Today's professionals want to make a statement about who they are. They want to show that they care about their surroundings, that they are achieving their goals. When they leave the maelstrom of activity each night and return to their apartments and homes, they are seeking a peaceful haven; they want a refuge from nerve-wracking stimuli. They want to return to the luxurious world of their own individuality.  

CIE creates custom spaces that meet these high standards by making them one room at a time. This company is over 40 years old. Our philosophy is "Being the biggest isn't as important as being the best. We think customers understand the difference between big box stores and individually crafted services. That's why our entire customer oriented operation promotes individuality." We spend whatever amount of time necessary to insure that the style, the design, the comfort of each product is perfect.

We sell, install and service only the finest products ever designed and available on the market. Our workmen are craftsmen who have the expert knowledge to work with either our interior or our exterior products. Every step is a high-quality effort. The result is that our services have a look and feel that separates us from all the others.